How to Start Up a Doggy Day Care Business

You have got dogs, you love dogs, and you're great with dogs: everybody tells you so. You'd be a natural at doggy daycare, the ideal stay-at-home business for a dog lover. You may absolutely envision yourself surrounded by wagging dogs of all sizes and shapes, playing happily on your fenced backyard or lazing peacefully on the patio as you sip iced tea and possibly like a little light gardening. To get more detail about doggy daycare West Bloomfield, you may visit

How to Start Up a Doggy Day Care Business

First Things First

Have you ever owned your own business? Have you got any experience in being self-explanatory? Maybe you worked in a family business or even had a paper route as a child? Working for yourself has some real pros and cons and taking a sober look at your personality, lifestyle and especially your ideas and feelings about taking risks is an exceptional place to start.

Just like every business, it pays to do some market research. One of the things you will want to find out:

• Are there some doggy day care businesses in your area?

• Are they complete? If so, are they just full during certain seasons or all year round?

• What sort of hours do they provide?

• What do they charge?

Now crunch some numbers yourself:

• How many dogs would you want at a competitive rate so as to function in the black?

• What about your house and yard?

• Do you have adequate fencing? Have you got a clean and effective way to handle dog waste?

• Do you have different rooms in your home with doors that shut in the event you will need to separate animals?